You may recognise Razer as the company who build and launch a wide selection of gaming mice, keyboards and headsets, but from today they are getting into the software game with their new Razer Game Booster software.

The new software has been based upon the IObit app with the same name and some of the same features, the first is a Game Mode, which as you can guess will, at a lick of a button, will shutdown all unessential services and programs to make sure your game runs to its full potential.

There’s also a calibration guide, that keeps track of all your drivers, making sure they are always up-to-date, but probably the biggest feature is the Share Mode, which will allow you to take screen shots and capture live audio and video during gameplay.

Currently Razer’s Game Booster is only in a closed beta, but you can apply to become a better tester at the link below.

[jwplayer mediaid=”16764″]

Source: Razer Game Booster

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