Razer has this week announced the launch of a brand new activity tracking smartwatch, called the Razer Nabu smartwatch, featuring two screens, both of which have their own independent batteries.

In terms of its functionality, the Nabu works as a normal watch with both the time and a countdown timer, alongside an illuminated display, stopwatch, world clocks and alarms, all powered by a cell battery that is said to last 12 months.

Razer Nabu smartwatch 1There’s also an OLED display on the smartwatch, which can show the activity and sleep tracking data, showing data from its accelerometer over a smartphone app, which also allows notifications to be set to the smartwatch.

All of this works via a Bluetooth LE connection, allowing for the smartwatch to receive notifications of calls, texts, emails and app alerts from certain apps like Twitter and Facebook.

The smartwatch also has a vibrating motor, which is powered by a separate rechargeable battery, which is said to last seven days before needing to be charged again by the magnetic charger.

There are two versions of the watch available, a standard one that is mode with polycarbonate with Razer green highlights, alongside a Forged Edition model which is made with stainless steel buttons and a black finish.

Both of the models are water resistant up to 5 metres, and shock resistant up to 5 metres.

The Razer Nabu smartwatch will be available in late January, with the normal edition available for $150 and the Forged Edition available for $200.

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