Razer has today announced its new wearable that will be a budget version of the original $99 Nabu smart band that was unveiled earlier last year.

Priced at just $49 the Razer Nabu X is a smarband that allows users to track their social and fitness activities, no more is the OLED display and instead the Nabu X features just 3 sets of multicoloured lights which can be customised to be illuminated for specific notifications such as texts, emails or Facebook messages.

The lights can also light up to show your daily step goal percentage.

Razer Nabu X WHite

The Nabu X can not only track steps however but also calories, distance and sleep, all of which are trackable via the app for iOS or Android, which is also where you can change the settings for the smart band, and even tell the watch when to go into sleep mode.

There’s also a selection of social features in the smart band, allowing users to tap against another Nabu X and share gaming, fitness and other information that you have set from within the app.

There’s also a number of apps that can add various other features to the smart band via the Nabu Marketplace.

In terms of design the Nabu X is made with a silicon strap that connects via a metal clasp. The smart band will also be shipped in black and white, each featuring Razer’s signature green accents.

Razer will release the Nabu X to qualified Razer Insiders on January 13 at an exclusive price of $19.99 after which it will be available to the general public for $49 later this spring.

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