I have wanted a RAZER for years and finally I managed to get my hands on one thanks to RAZER for sending us one to review. I’ve played World of Warcraft for years and always wanted a RAZER mouse to play it with, unfortunately at the time my money wouldn’t stretch to afford the liberty of owning one. Thankfully I finally got one to use and what a great mouse it was.

The RAZER Naga Hex is an incredible mouse both in aesthetics and functionality, when I first opened the box and looked at the mouse itself I was surprised by the design but in a good way. The unique shape and design of the mouse sets it apart from other mice on the market and gives a sleek, modern look which I liked about the product.

As with most RAZER products the mouse is green, its body design seems to resemble a green wavy effect and I really liked this choice of design, it fits with their color code and just looked great all round. The black and green of the mouse works well with each other and they both compliment each other in capturing the theme of the mouse. The word “Naga” is from World of Warcraft and mythology and is the name of mermaid/serpent people from the game, this is fitting seeing as these sort of mice are designed for a main use in mmo’s.


It was only when I plugged the mouse into my laptop that I saw the full awesomeness of this product, when the mouse turned on so did its green led lights and they looked amazing. As I have never used a RAZER product before I shocked when this happened but damn was it a good shock, the green lights just look awesome and they are perfectly sculpted round the round and mouse wheel to add to the sleek modern effect. My laptops keyboard is also illuminated and the two looked great side by side.

Enough about how awesome the mouse looked, on to the functionality which really counts. The mouse is a great shape which makes it ergonomically suited to the shape of your hand allowing for comfortable use whilst gaming. The mouse contains six buttons on the side which are automatically binded to 1-6 on the keyboard, which is handy for use in mmo’s such as Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. These buttons can be changed in-game and key binded to other abilities however you see fir for your play style. I tested the mouse in Guild Wars 2 and it worked perfectly with the game as you have 5 main abilites which are bound to the 1-5 keys and then your self-heal spell which is bound to 6, making it very convenient to have six buttons on the mouse. The mouse allows for quick, smooth combat in-game meaning you focus on hand on movement and the other on spell casting. As I mentioned earlier these buttons can be easily changed via in-game options allowing you to bind whatever you want to each button, whether it be for easy use of your mount in World of Warcraft or quick use of your healing spell in Guild Wars 2. What I found awesome was that this also works well in Minecraft, I forgot about the buttons for a while whilst I was casually building on my game when suddenly I accidentally clicked one of the buttons on the mouse and it changed the block in my hand, meaning you can also use it for quickly changing from your pickaxe to your sword if a Creeper appears, awesome!


On RAZER’s website they describe the Hex as optimized for use in moba’s (multiplayer online battle arena’s) as the selling point for their six button layout on the side of the mouse. I haven’t played League of Legends for a while but I can see why the Hex would give you an advantage whilst playing, imagine being able to bind your Q W E R to the 1 2 3 4 buttons on the mouse, simply meaning you never have to touch the keyboard whilst playing. This would give you a huge advantage whilst playing as you could easily cast your spells whilst moving without having to focus on the keyboard as well. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to test this on a moba but I would have very much liked to try these features out.

Overall the Hex is a great mouse for gaming, not only does it look incredible it is also really helpful in-game too. The ability to quickly use spells or change items in your inventory is always welcomed and the Hex makes this task even easier. I would imagine the Hex to be mainly aimed at mmo or moba players, this is down to its six buttons on the side. So if you are a dedicated player of either of these platforms then I would highly suggest purchasing one, it will definitely be worth it after you see how much of a difference it makes to your gaming experience. Don’t be put off by the price, it is certainly worth its price tag and it serve you well for a long time of gameplay.

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Disclosure: Razer sent us this product for review purposes.

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