Razer has just announced some new software that is nothing short of excellent, called Razer Surround it can transform any stereo headset into a 7.1 system.

Working through Razer’s Synapse 2.0 software, it will create a virtual sound card called the Razer Surround Audio Controller, that will allow you to play games, music and even movies in full surround sound.

Free to download for a short period of time (more on that further down), the software can be loaded up by simply logging into Synapse and clicking the Razer Surround icon in the list of attached devices.


From here all you need to do is complete the calibration process, that will emulate different surround sound levels, allowing you to tailor it to your needs.

After which, just run a few demos to make sure what you have edited is correct and your ready to go, Razer Surround will now be able to emulate surround sound from any stereo headset.

For now the Razer Surround sound is available to download for free at no charge until the end of the year, although the company would like users to either donate money to their Child’s Play Charity, or simply spread the word about the new software.

After this time, new users will be charged $20 to use it.

Check it out on Razer’s website here.

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