Razer announced something really interesting at CES 2016 this week, an updated version of its Razer Blade laptop, the Razer Blade Stealth is an intriguing Ultrabook-like build, that comes with an optional companion.

That companion is the Razer Core, which has been designed to deliver desktop-level performance to the Razer Blade Stealth, but not adding anything to the actual build of the laptop.

Razer Blade 2016 1

Razer says that this creates the “Ultimate Ultrabook” combination, at only .52 inches thick and weighing only 2.75 pounds, the notebook is super portable, but has great internals for performance, featuring up to an Intel Core i7-6500U processor that runs at 2.5 or 3.1GHz, with between 128GB and 512GB of storage, and 8GB of dual-system memory.

There’s also a 12.5 inch UHD multi-touch indium gallium zinc oxide display that has either a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution or 3,840 x 2,160 resolution.

It wouldn’t be a Razer product if it didn’t have some kind of light up aspect, so thankfully it does, with a Razer Chroma enabled keyboard, with individual key lighting.

There’s also an integrated Intel 520 graphic chip, inside, but the main performance will come from the Razer Core if you choose to buy that too.

Razer Blade 2


Offering up the addition of a double-wide full-length graphics card, with four USB ports, a high-speed Ethernet port, and additional light-up areas.

To power it up the Razer Core connects to the Razer Blade Stealth via a Thunderbolt cable, and can power the notebook itself, and increase its graphic power.

You can also plug in USB devices into the Core, such as a mouse or keyboard and that will work with the Thunderbolt connection, of course you will also be able to add on a monitor, and with all this the Stealth then becomes a 4K gaming system.

The Razer Blade Stealth is available now on Razer’s website from $999, and the Razer Core will ship in the first half of 2016, we don’t yet know the price for that.

You can watch the video below for a quick look.


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