The League of Legends Cup is something that has vastly grown since the games release date, pitting gamers against each other for the grand prize of over £2,500, which will likely include a selection of Razer gear now that they have been announced as the tournaments official sponsor.

The Razer League of Legends Cup is a lot like many other gaming tournaments, teams can participate by signing up on the Multiplay website, after which they will be entered into a draw to compete in a live pre-qualifier, taking place at Razer’s exclusive bunker at the PC World on Tottenham Court Road, London.

Teams will play for a grand prize worth over £2,000, consisting of  free team entry to the Multiplay i48 series a selection of Razer gaming peripherals, and of course, the Razer League of Legends Cup.

Razer’s UK Sales Director, Darren Roberts had the following to say about the sponsorship:

“We are thrilled to be sponsoring the iSeries and to put the Razer name to the League of Legends tournament. We know so many of the players and teams are already huge Razer fans and we are thrilled to be able to show our support and commitment to gamers of every level and the competitive teams out there.”

“Razer products are designed with the gamer in mind and we are delighted to be able to offer a team a completely unfair advantage by giving them the chance to win a suite of peripherals at the pre-qualifier to take with them to the tournament!”

All of the teams who win the pre-qualifier will then be granted the opportunity to compete in the i48 tournament where they will be given the chance to win some cash from the £2,500 prize pool.

But it’s not just the winner’s who will be getting all the prizes, as Razer will offer out a selection of spot prizes during the games for those who show pure gaming excellence.

If you think you have what it takes you can sign up, or even find out more here.

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