Razer defiantly make some of the best accessories for PCs and Laptops I have so far seen on the market, these include keyboards, mouse’s, speakers and a ton more, and as you may also know they all come with some great names too, the Razer Taipen Gaming Mouse being no different.

A Taipen is a type of snake which is an extremely large, venomous and quick, the last part is probably one of the best ways to describe this mouse, with a much faster response than most other mouses available on the market, the Taipen includes a new type of 4G tracking that uses both a laser and an optical sensor, allowing the mouse to accurately calibrate the mouse to any surface, offering pinpoint tracking and a faster response overall.

The body of the mouse has been design specifically with the overall user in mind, made to suit both the left-handed and the right handed, ready for use with a number of grip styles and hand sizes, according to Razer anyway, it can be used in the claw, palm and even fingertip grip style.

From the moment you touch the Taipen you can tell it is of high quality, the coating feels great and is made with an anti-sweat material, which is great as it means the mouse sticks to the hand, and with the added grip on either side of the mouse also helps to keep the mouse from flying around the room.

On the bottom there’s also a set of feet that allow it to glide across the table with exceptional speed, as always the mouse also uses a braided cable, which adds to the overall quality of design.

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During my tests of the mouse I found no skipping, lag or even acceleration, and you can even change the sensitivity of the mouse on the fly with the couple of buttons placed under the scroll wheel, alongside which there are another 7 buttons, two on either side of the device, the left click, right-click and of course, the scroll wheel itself.

The four buttons on the sides of the device are fully programmable through the Synapse application, and can be assigned to more or less any key press you wish.

With the adjustable sensitivity, you can change how the response responds to the game that you are currently playing, as I mentioned before this mouse literally glides across the screen, during my tests I played some FPS games, during which time I found the mouse reacted extremely accurately, allowing you to quickly target different targets within the game.

I’ve been using this mouse constantly for the last week, during which time I found myself pleased with the overall performance of the mouse, which works great in a variety of situations, with the addition of the buttons you can control your gaming experience how you wish.

And with Synapse 2.0, you can store all of these settings in the cloud and load them up on any computer you wish to use the Taipen with, this means you don’t have to lose any of those settings you worked so hard on when switching from computer to computer.

All off this added to the design of the mouse makes it a great buy for any gamer, be them left-handed or right-handed.

You can pick up the mouse for around £70 on Razer’s site.

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Disclosure: Razer sent us the Taipen mouse for this review.

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