Today Razer sent out an invite for what seems to release of their long-awaited smartphone.

It was quite some time ago that Razer acquired Nextbit and we have been waiting to hear about what they are doing with that for quite some time now.

With the release of this smartphone, Razer will attempt to differentiate itself from their current offering, which includes a range of gaming products and accessories along with many others.

The interesting thing will really be how this smartphone works.

The Nextbit Robin was an interesting smartphone because it doing something quite different from the rest of the smartphones because it managed storage in a different way by loading it from the cloud.

Sadly, it didn’t seem to be as popular as some hoped, Razer promised to change that and back when they acquired the company Razer stated that they will be doing some “cool stuff in mobile”.

Today, they updated that with the announcement of an event for November 1st.

They revealed this upcoming event on Twitter, where they posted an image invite for the event alongside the tagline “Watch for our biggest unveiling…”.

They also posted a link to Razer’s website, where you will presumably be able to watch the invite live, for now, you can only register for updates about the launch.

Of course, we will be updating you as we hear more.

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