In a surprising move, Razer has today announced their our smartwatch/band called the Nabu, designed to combine the sports band and the smartwatch into a colourful design that can display notifications for phone calls, emails, texts and apps all from your smartphone.

The Nabu features two screens around the band, the first has been placed on the top of the band and will display icons for your notifications, whilst the bottom screen will display further details for that notification, allowing you to hide the details of your notifications, and quickly view them by simply twisting your wrist.


There’s also a set of advanced sensors in the band that can track and analyse various pieces of data including your location, steps walked, stairs climbed and even sleeping habits, all of which can be shared and looked at through the included application.

This will also allow you to change settings, your profile ID, view the notifications you have received and opt-in and out of data.

A point that you might like is that the Nabu will only cost $49 (around £30) when it launches in early 2014, however their might be a change in that price later.

Source: Razer

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