Razer’s 17.3-inch Blade Pro is already a beast of a machine, featuring a portable sleek design with gaming-focused specifications that include a 4K G-Sync touchscreen display, mechanical keyboard, and even a GeForce 1080 GPU inside, making gaming great on the go.

Today they are beefing up that notebook a little more with some new additions.

The biggest change since last year’s model is the addition of new Kaby Lake processor options.

This upgrade allows you to fit out the Razer Blade Pro with the addition of an overclockable quad-core Kaby Lake processor. The new version of the notebook will also come with faster memory at 2,667MHz speeds, as well as THX certification for both the screen and audio jack.

This certification comes after Razer acquired THX last year, and is actually the first portable device to receive this certification and basically means that they have been tweaked slightly by THX for smoother video playback, more accurate colour reproduction and cleaner audio.

We don’t yet know about the UK pricing just yet, however, in the US, the new version will cost $3,999 which is slightly more than the original version which was priced at $3,699.

Razer also “upgraded” the price: the laptop now has a $3,999 starting price, compared to $3,699 for the original.

The updated Blade Pro is expected to be available in April of this year.

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