If you live in the UK you have most defiantly heard of a couple of banks called Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest, you may even be one of their customers, and if you are then you might be using your smartphone to withdraw your money quite soon, as with both of the banks newest updates you can request up to £100 to withdraw from your iOS, BlackBerry or Android smartphone, once it has been approved you simply walk up to an ATM and authenticate the transaction with a six digit code generated by the app, which stays hidden until you tap to see the key.

This will mean that if your with RBS or Natwest you will be able to leave your card at home without worrying about your sudden lack of money, of course this is not aimed for everyday use, and is more for emergency’s or if your card has been lost or stolen and is more a way of ditching the phone number you used to have to call to get the emergency code.

Via [BBC]

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