The music streaming service, Rdio has today announced that it will be offering users free access for users in the UK and in other countries around the world for six months, as long as your new to the service that is.

New users will be able to access free music via Rdio web service, where they can sign up to activate the subscription, no credit or debit card details needed, in fact no money needed at all, once signed up the user can then access Rdio’s library of over 18 million songs.

Users can also access the service via the company’s desktop apps for Mac and Windows, however there is a catch as you will in fact be limited on the number of songs you can actually stream, for which a meter at the top of the user profile page will let you know how much you have remaining for that month.

Once you have finished with the free service you can then go ahead and subscribe to the service, for which there is two packages, Web Unlimited for £4.99 a month and Rdio Unlimited for £9.99, the second one will also allow you to access their ap

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