This week Red Dead Revolver launched for the PlayStation 4 console in both Europe and North America.

It was first launched on the PlayStaton 2 back in 2004, and is a remake for the new console in order to provide you with a chance to reminisce about the game, whilst showing it at full 1080p goodness.

The new Red Dead Revolver will also support PlayStation 4’s Remote Play, Trophies, Share Play, and Activity Feed features.

It also supports Second Screen, with the ability of reading game manuals via a PS app.

One of the biggest changes is the developer though.

Originally Capcom launched Red Dead Revolver, but after Rockstar acquired the rights for the Red Dead series when they acquired Angel Studios, they became the new developer for the series.

You can pick up Rockstar’s Red Dead Revolver for $14.99 in the US from the PlayStation Store.

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