In an effort to stop the usual “where is the blasted remote?” saying, RED5 have launched the new Remote Control Pillow, which can be used as both a pillow and a fully functional TV remote, allowing you to change channels, adjusting the volume, view the TV guide and turn the TV on and off.

The cushion is available in brown, with he numbers and icons printed onto the pillow casing, and is most certainly the softest TV remote control available in the world.

The Remote Control Pillow is available today from RED5 for £19.95, for more information check out the press release below.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]London, UK 4th October 2012 –, the ultimate gadget shop, today launches the Remote Control Pillow, a comfy cushion which doubles as a handy TV remote.  Banish remote control hide and seek once and for all with’s Remote Control Pillow, available today for £19.95.Making pre-telly panic a thing of the past, the Remote Control Pillow will not only make wherever you are sitting just that wee bit more comfy, but it is also a fully functional TV remote. Perfect for the ultimate couch potato, the pillow allows you to change channel, adjust the volume, view the menu, or simply switch the TV on all from the comfort of your sofa.

Conveniently, the Remote Control Pillow is big enough never to get lost, unless your house is particularly messy; so there will be no more wasted minutes spent hunting down the sofa, behind the radiator or in the dog basket for the remote.  Now TV addicts and couch potatoes can put all their energy into what they do best, absolutely nothing, well that and shouting at the TV.


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