RED5 is a pretty awesome store for all sorts of gadget accessories from iPhone cases all the way up to their newest product, the Smart Baby Monitor, which helps parents watch their children whilst away from their room.

One set-up and placed in the desired position, the Smart Baby Monitor can then be monitored via your PC, iPad or iPhone with the dedicated application.

The great thing about the Smart Baby Monitor is it allows you to keep track of your baby in both a video and audio form, allowing you to hear every snore, whimper and gurgle whilst in the living room or at the cinema, all of which is done via an internet connection.

8 separate devices can also connect to the monitor at the same time, allowing anyone else with the live stream details from the camera to view its stream, making it great for sharing with family and friends, whilst away.

Within the app you can pan the camera left and right and even zoom in, or if you prefer you can set up a sound or motion activated alarm, that will alert any linked devices when it has been triggered, and there’s even an intercom feature allowing you to speak to your baby without the need of actually being there.

Or if you find your baby in a great pose, you could also use the snapshot feature, that will take a photo of your baby whilst in the land of nod.

The great thing about this is that it only costs £119.95 from the RED5 Store, which is really cheap compared to other products on the market.

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