As I’m finding myself having less time and less products to do the weekly TechNutty Wish List, we are now only going to do 1 or 2 products every time we see one we like, that will mean the wish list might not be a weekly thing anymore, but don’t fret we will still carry on doing it, and carry bringing you the best products, in fact we have one right now.

If you live in the UK then I am almost certain that you have heard of Red5, which has to be one of the best gadget stores in the UK. The main reason for that is their huge amount of new and innovative products.

Their newest product, the Quadrocopter certainly fits into this and uses a Quad-Rotor in order to provide a stable flight at great speed, which is due to the fact that each individual rotor can spin in any relation to one another.

With the remote control that is included, you can create great 3D flight patterns at that same speed, with up/down, yaw, banking and pitch controls.

Alongside the controls there are also three various control modes you can use, which enable you to set the right-hand level at different percentages, changing the banking level, which allows you to limit how fast and sensitive the controls are, making it perfect for the beginner.

But once you are properly trained you can set the copper to the full percentage and learn some new tricks, alongside this it has also been fitted with a replaceable battery and gyroscope, allowing for a longer and better flight.

You can pick up the Quadrocopter on pre-order from RED5 for £68.95, check out the video below for more information before you do however.

[jwplayer config=”TN-Tech” mediaid=”10619″]

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