Finally Reddit has decided to launch an official app for the platform.

Now available to download on both Android and iOS, the app will allow you to check “the internet’s front page” from your smartphone, without having to type URLs into your browser, or try to work your way around Reddit’s mobile version.

Before you would have to use the app Alien Blue, which used to be a third-party app for iOS, but was acquired by Reddit some time ago. Of course, this app was limited to iOS, but it was as close to official as you could get.

The new app that Reddit has launched this week is actually official, and is now available for users to download on Android from the Google Play Store, and on iOS from the App Store.

Sadly, the app is limited to users in the US for now, however, we expect that the app will launch worldwide soon.

Hit up the source links for a look.

Source: Google Play Store, iTunes App Store

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