For a number of years, Facebook has been hosting its own developer conference for both the press and developers, where they reveal a range of new products, host sessions for developers and allow them to network.

And this year is no different, we expect to see more information about Oculus’ plans, what’s going on with WhatsApp and all of the new stuff that Facebook will be launching.

We might even hear some more information about Parse, which is an Internet of Things product that Facebook announced last year.

Last year they also unveiled plans to launch Messenger as a platform for developers, new spherical videos for the newsfeed, and support for embeddable videos.

And if this is something that interests you then you will be glad to know that Facebook’s F8 conference is now open for registration, with the event to kick off on April 12th and end on the 13th.

You do have to either be invited or be accepted for a ticket, and once you are a ticket will cost you $595.

If that’s fine for you, then you can head over to the source link to register.

Source: Facebook

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