Telltale Games has today confirmed the release dates for the upcoming add-on for The Walking Dead: 400 Days, revealed on IGN the add-on will be a transitional episode between Season One and Season Two off the game.

The game will be priced at $4.99, releasing on the following dates:

Tuesday, June 2nd – PlayStation Network (North America)
Wednesday, July 3rd – PC/Mac (Steam, Telltale Games Store)
Friday, July 5th – Xbox Live (Worldwide)
Wednesday, July 10th – PlayStation Network (Europe)
Thursday, July 11th – iOS (Worldwide)

400 Days features five separate stories which span the time between the first infection and the beginning of season two, each of which will be different, with new characters but all in a unified settings, each character will show up or play a role with the other characters, and all choices made with whom will make an effect on the entire story.

Source: IGN

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