On July 7th the London bombings took place, on that morning four terrorists took part in a series of coordinated suicide attacks on the London underground and various buses across London during the busiest hour of the day.

That day was just a day after London heard that they had won the Olympic bid, The day where attacks lead to the death of 52 people, as well as the four of the bombers, and over 700 more people injured.

To do our part of remembering the victims, 7 years later from the day we will be turning all of the advertisements off from this site and replacing them for ones for the St. Johns Ambulance, alongside this we will also be donating all of the money we have earned from this past month from said advertisements to the St. John Ambulance.

If you would like to support the victims yourself and help build a better ambulance service for Britain please do find it in yourself to donate yourself, they truly are a great charity and deserve your donations.

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