According to a new report from the market research firm InfoScount, the Xbox One managed to outsell the PlayStation 4 on Black Friday in the US.

According to the report this may be due to the recent introduction of several Xbox One and Xbox 360 bundles that can with reduced prices and a number of bundled free games.

The reports states that the Xbox One sales made up 53 per cent of all the consoles for the day, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 only managed to grab 31 per cent of the sales. Next up was the Xbox 360 which made up 9 per cent of the total, meaning that Microsoft made consoles found 62 per cent of the total console sales for the day.

The Wii U also grabbed 6% of the sales, and the PlayStation 3 came up at the bottom with 1% of the total sales for the day.

This could show the start off change for the Xbox One, but is it too late for the company as the PlayStation 4 has already generally outsold the Xbox One globally, however most of that was due to the original price of the Xbox One when compared with the PlayStation 4, but now that Microsoft have dropped the price to much lower, the sales could change dramatically.

Source: Infoscount

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