A special edition version of the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game was revealed this week.

Called the Collector’s Edition, it will be an exclusive version to the GameStop stores in the US and will feature a 4GB USB thumb drive that has been shaped to resemble a dummy finger, along with an 8-inch mansion music box.

The music box will also play a sample of the game’s main theme, Aunt Rhody while showing a series of LED effects.

And to top that off, you will also get a copy of the game, an exclusive metal case for it, a VHS tape box, an exclusive lithograph, some premium packaging and a “creepy note”.

It will be available from GameStop stores in the US for $179.99, we don’t yet know if it will launch outside of the region.

Resident Evil 7 will be launched for the PS4, Xbox One, and for the PC on January 24th.

There will also be an exclusive version for the PlayStation VR for a year.

You can check out the collector’s edition at the source link below.

Source: GameStop

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