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OWC Mike recently tested the new Retina Display MacBook Pro to see how much power Apples newest MacBook actually has plugging in a total of 3 monitors at the same time creating the four monitor setup you can see in the image above, connecting two of Apples Thunderbolt displays and another display hooked up via an HDMI converter, and according to OWC Mike the setup even works with 15,680,000 pixels without much of a problem at all:

“Moving images and media didn’t create any lag and we were able to play video on all four displays simultaneously.” Mike explained.

Here’s the details of the setup:

• Retina on laptop
• iMac used as a display 2560 x 1440 via Thunderbolt
• iMac used as a display 2560 x 1440 via Thunderbolt/DisplayPort
• LG monitor 1920 x 1200 via HDMI

What do you think about this? We think it’s simply great and proves what this awesome device can really do.

Via [Slashgear]

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