You may remember that we released a preview for an awesome game called BeatBuddy from THREAKS some time ago, now that same developer is back with yet another new game, this time called Retro Ivasion.

Now available on Steam’s Greenlight service, Retro Invasion is a 2.5D shoot ‘n’ brawl action game that is set in a “futuristic environment in which old-school video games turn the modern world into voxels”.

In the game players will take control of the gunner and tinkerer named Mike and his infected brawling friend Rik.

Whilst controlling these characters players must fight back against the “voxelized” armies to save the planet.

During their playtime players will find a number of homages to retro games, with an “intense” co-op experience, a unique art style and great audio (we hope it is as awesome as BeatBuddy’s).

Basically Retro Invasion is a story of war between the retro and modern game eras.

Retro Invasion will launch in Q4 2014 for a yet to be announced price, it will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can find out more out it by watching the video below. Or you could just head straight to the source link just below that.

Source: Retro Invasion

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