In Bioshock: The Collection you will get the chance to revisit Rapture in a completely different way.

However, before then, you get to take a look at it today as a brand new trailer has been released, showing various sites from Rapture with Andrew Ryan voicing over via the intercom.

When it is released on September 13th, it will come with all of the old Bioshock content from the previous gams in the series, but remastered into 1080p.

However, the trailer has only been uploaded in 720p, with 30fps footage, so it doesn’t provide an amazing look at what is going to be on offer.

The remaster of the modern day classics, Bioshock: The Collection, is just around the corner and that means some new trailers to give players a taste of what’s ahead.

But it’s still a good watch anyway, check it out:

BioShock: The Collection will come with all three of the Bioshock games, with DLC on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on the PC.

It will launch on September 13th in the US and on September 16th internationally.

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