Headphones are probably the most important piece of tech I take out with me on a daily basis, sure a smartphone or MP3 player is important too, but without the right set of headphones there’s simply no point taking anything.

Generally I like to have two sets of headphones, an top-range pair for the train or walking to places and then an in-expensive pair for activities when you simply don’t need that high-end quality, and that’s where the RHA MA150 in-ears come into play.

The MA150 have been designed for that very purpose, a budget pair of headphones, they allow you to listen to your music without the fear of breaking them, as at around £15, they can be easily replaced.

But that price doesn’t mean a loss of quality, you still get a 1.2 meter cable with a gold-plated 3.5mm connector, that has been angled at 45 degrees (something I always appreciate with a set of headphones), alongside that, each earphone packs a 10mm Mylar driver which packs an impressive sound.


As they are in-ears, you do need some ear tips, for which RHA have you covered including a selection of three differently sized tips, some of the best fitting ones I have seen in a pair of in-ears for a long time.

This means that the MA150 have an extremely snug fit, and don’t become uncomfortable to wear after long periods of time using them, from the moment I plugged them in I enjoyed how lightweight and easy to wear they actually were and managed to stay in.

This snug fit, also means you get a great noise isolation, making the headphones good for walking or even for wearing whilst on a jog, in terms of sound I was extremely impressed, for a pair of headphones marketed at the budget customer, the MA150’s sound way better than your average £15 pair of headphones, treble is clear, mid-range is full and bass is there but not too noticeable (a good thing in my opinion).


I have to say, when I first seen these headphones I was not expecting the response I actually received during testing, the MA150’s create amazing audio for their price point, and are defiantly worth picking up if you’re looking for a new set of throw around headphones, in fact the only downside I can personally see with them is the cable, which I found to be a little too thin and hard to find.

You can pick up a pair of the MA150’s from RHA’s website for £15, a price that’s hard to say no to.

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Disclosure: RHA did send us this pair of MA150’s for review purposes, these are however my honest opinions.

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