It has been about 9 years and a half years since The Chronicles of Riddick was released, but that doesn’t mean the series is over, and Riddick is back with a vengeance in the new film that’s simply titled ‘Riddick’. Set on an unknown planet, Riddick found himself betrayed by the Necromonger Vaako,left for dead on a planet that he thought was home.

Of course being Reddick, the film doesn’t end there and we then see a large section of the film filling in Reddick looking for supplies and building a somewhat customised arsenal, after which Reddick goes looking for new transport back home, eventually finding an abandoned outpost and purposely calling for those looking for his head.

A group responds, led by a guy named by Santana, they are a group of mercenaries looking for the cash prize which would be given to them, should they find themselves able to bring Riddick back dead or alive.

Alongside them however comes another, traveling for a slightly different agenda, a more refined crew turns up, led by a recognisable name, Johns looks for answers from Riddick. Of course neither side has an easy job finding the convict, and soon find that Riddick is not the only thing to be scared off on this unknown wasteland.

Swamped by a storm of giant water scorpions, both crews and Riddick must to survive the length it takes to get home.

Riddick Review

However that part of the story does take a while to actually kick in, with a tedious opening act, the film assumes that you have already seen the last film, opening with Riddick in quite a bit of bother, a broken leg and a band of alien dogs after him, Riddick sets a first impression as being vulnerable and somewhat damaged from the last time we seen him.

Thankfully soon after Riddick finds himself a puppy and something to eat, and we finally get to see some action, attacking one of those weird scorpion/ fish creatures that unfortunately finds itself in the way of RIddick’s ride back home.

riddick film 4

Soon after which the story of the two bounty hunters, Santana (Jordi Molla) and Johns (Matt Nable) start to unravel, but I didn’t find myself that entwined with either of them to be honest, including Johns who probably as the biggest storyline link of any of the other characters (despite Riddick of course), and that storyline seems to have been a little left as a last-minute job, with more focus on less important parts of the story, and I feel as though their could have been more emphasis on the story behind Johns.

However there is one character that I was happy with, the mercenary Dahl, played by Katee Sackhoff she played the role of the sniper well and her character was probably the most rounded of the bunch, which could simply be because she’s so well-known from her role in Battlestar Galactica.

Dahl is no simple toughgirl sniper and soon she finds herself in a scene of sexual objectification, the target of a rape threat and a spying from Riddick whilst she was in the shower, which for some reason actually turns Dahl on more than it does off, and at the end they somehow find themselves romantically whisked away, well as romantic as a film with Vin Diesel can be anyway.

Riddick Review

Riddick’s character isn’t that impressive either, and seems to have gone the same way as the rest of the film, mostly uninteresting and frankly crammed with unimaginative ideas and finished with a boring overlay. Alongside this the new Riddick has grown soft in his own age, becoming attached to an older version of the alien dog he found earlier.

However there are some enjoyable moments in the film, with some great action moments that are certainly memorable, however the problem is that these take a long-long-long time to kick in.

All in all the Riddick sequel is something that should definitely check out, if not only when it’s available to rent or stream online.

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