If you have one of the new Blackberry phones, you might be able to use near- field communications but not know exactly what for, but this won’t last longer as RIM have announced a new service that will allow you to take advantage of the NFC technology built into your handset.

The new service will allow you to ‘bump’ your device with another in order to share things like contacts, documents, photographs and websites, as well as your contact card for Blackberry Messenger, the feature was unveiled earlier today with the name BlackBerry Tag and will be available on all NFC-equipped BlackBerry OS 7 handsets.

The service will be introduced alongside the OS 7 update, and RIM will be sharing the APIs to the public allowing developers to integrate Tag into their applications. If you have an Andriod or iOS device this may seem very familiar to the application called Bump, which does the same sort of thing as Tag but over WiFi.

What do you think about BlackBerry Tag? Would you use it?

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