With the release of their new Curve and Torch phones RIM have released the new BlackBerry App World 3.0 update, this new version has a redesigned front-end which RIM say will help make you discovery of applications, games and themes a whole lot easier, they have also added integrated social sharing, account management and the new My World feature. Alongside this there are some other features which you can check out below:

The first main feature is the redesigned front-end which will greet you as soon as load up the App World update, as soon as you do you will notice a whole new look which has been designed to make finding app a much nicer experience, alongside this RIM, have also included a rotating banner which will cycle through the ‘spotlighted’ apps across the store.

As well of this the new App World also has some new channels, with Applications, Games and Themes having their own channel, allowing a much quicker and easier way to get to what you want.

One of the most wanted features was Social Sharing, which will allow you to share great apps that are on App World via BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail and SMS, not too sure if you would find one good enough to share but it’s worth a go.

Alongside this, you will also be able to manage your payment options and BlackBerry ID directly from App World via the new My Account feature, which will give you home screen access to all of your account information.

The last feature RIM has included is the new My World feature, which basically tells you the apps you have installed or even uninstalled, alongside management of your subscription content whilst notifying you when subscription renewals are available to download.

App World 3.0 will be available to all users running the Blackberry 5 OS and above, and will be released over the next few days, with Pocket-Init reporting some users already seeing the update it may come sooner than that if you want to find out more, head on over to the App World page on BlackBerry’s website.

What do you think? Does this make Blackberry any better? Have you got the new update yet, what do you think about it?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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