Earlier today The Sunday Times reported that RIM is currently considering a split of its company between its handset and messaging divisions making them two separate companies, selling Blackberry and keeping BBM with Facebook and Amazon as potential buyers which would make sense as we have heard rumors of both companies wanting to release their own phones, more recently Facebook of course. Upon a sale BBM will then either be kept as an enterprise-friendly messaging service or be licensed out to other companies, which I could see the likes of Samsung jumping to buy, especially after Chat: On dramatically flopped.

This has all come from what The Sunday Times is suggesting has come out of the plan made between RIM, RBC and JP Morgan since earlier this year, which comes alongside another apparent option that they would sell a large stake of the business to another corporation like Apple or Microsoft, don’t know why either would want a failing company like RIM but its possible.

What do you think? Is RIM about to be bought out? Leave us a comment below.

Via [The Sunday Times]

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