Today Ring announced a new set of external security cameras that have been designed to provide a similar experience to the Floodlight camera that they announced earlier this year, but with a cheaper price tag.

There are three new security cameras on offer with new wired, solar, and battery-powered options of their new Spotlight Cam, which is a new motion actived camera and light combination that offers 1080p video recording, two-way audio recording, and a siren alarm.

It is also compatible with Ring’s companions application for Android and iOS, which allows the cameras to show alerts from the camera.

Ring explained more about this new Spotlight Cam with the following:

Spotlight Cam Wired plugs into standard power outlets to give you non-stop power and non-stop security, so you’ll never need to charge a battery. Its simple plug-and-play installation lets you setup your camera in just minutes.

Spotlight Cam Battery features a convenient quick-release battery pack, so you can easily charge your batteries without moving the device. With no wires to worry about, Spotlight Cam Battery is your simple solution to smart security.

With an included Solar Panel, Spotlight Cam Solar gives you smart security powered by the sun. With just a few hours of direct sunlight everyday, the Solar Panel will keep your Cam charged around the clock.

The Floodlight Camera from Ring will still be sold as Ring’s primary camera, however, they will also be selling this new Spotlight Camera to fill the gap for people who can’t or don’t want to pay for the camera.

The wired and battery versions of the new Spotlight Camera will ship for $199 each in the US, or in a two-pack version for $348.

There will also be a solar version that’s available for $229.

You can pick up the wired version today, however, the other two won’t be available for another 1-2 weeks.

You can read more about them at the source link below. You can also pre-order them from the second source link.

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