You may have heard of Ring because of their doorbell ringer that took doorbells to the future.

At CES 2017 this week, Ring unveiled another product to their lineup, the Ring Floodlight Camera.

This camera has been designed to be used outside as a wired camera and floodlight and comes with HD 1080p video recording and streaming capabilities, with 270-degree motion detection, and cloud video storage.

It also has a microphone and a speaker for intercom functions with a 100db siren that should work great for scaring people off.

What makes this more interesting than your average floodlight camera is that it is connected, meaning that it can be controlled remotely via the Ring app, from which, you can also set up motion notifications or setup a timed schedule for the floodlight camera.

The Floodlight Camera will be available for $249 from Ring directly in April, with pre-orders starting today.

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