Recently the BBC announced that they will be bringing back Robot Wars, set to come back after a long 12 year break.

Back at the announcement, the Beeb didn’t reveal too much information, however they made up for it today, releasing a new teaser trailer for the series to reveal both the presenters and a new logo.

You can see the logo pictured above.

As for the presenters, we now know that the Irish TV personalities Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon will be presenting the roboted show, with Jonathan Pearce resuming his role as the show’s commentator.

We also already know that the new fighting arena for the show will be set in Glasgow, with the first episode kicking off this year.

Andrew Robertson, the executive producer of Mentorn Scotland said the following about the new logo, stating that it “totally encapsulates everything that is new about the series: updated technology, modernised armour, contemporary design and a seismic updated tonal shift from the original series.”

And that’s about it, well aside from the trailer which you can watch below.

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