ROCCAT have today revealed their new line of PC Gaming Peripherals for 2013, the first of which is as you can see from the image above a new mechanical keyboard, which is actually the first one ROCCAT have ever made, named Ryos the new keyboard will come with its own software named Power Grid, currently in Beta will allow the user to control the keyboards functions, which include lighting macros and button functions.

The keyboard itself features a per-key lighting setup with up to two 32-bit ARM cortex processors in-built, this allows the keyboard to use key functions and macros and can even show health or mana bars on the screen, there’s also 2MB of internal Flash storage and four CHERRY MX key switches.

Alongside this ROCCAT also announced the Power Grid app which will soon allow users to control their PC via a smartphone, this can allow you to launch apps and games on you PC remotely, or can even show maps or high scores/

The Ryos is planned for release in first quarter of 2013 for an unknown price

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