ROCCAT have just announced the release of their new high performance multicolour gaming keyboard, which will automatically adjust the lighting depending on your in-game actions.

The Isku FX Gaming Keyboard will be available internationally with infinite lighting possibilities for a customised “gaming atmosphere” the keys have been coated with an off-white UV, when controlling lighting you can choose from 16.8 million colours and 6 adjustable brightness levels.

One game that ROCCAT announced will be compatible with the keyboard will be “World of Tanks” by Wargaming which will work with the Talk FX software, allowing the game to adjust your lighting according to in-game actions, for instance the mouse and keyboard will flash white when a new round starts, and devices will flash red when your tank is getting attacked.

There’s also a set of macro keys that will allow you to access in-game functions from your keyboards easily, their also Easy-Aim technology built into the keyboard that once pressed will instantly optimise the DPI setting on your mouse.

The ROCCAT Isku FX is available from today, hitting shelves this week for the suggested price of $99.99 / 99,99€ not really sure of any UK pricing just yet though.

Source: ROCCAT

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