The Steam Machine is probably one of the most exciting gadgets that will be launched soon, and its about to get even cooler with Roccat’s latest announcement, the Roccat Sova Steam Machine keyboard.

The reason it sounds so call is because of the last part of that name, as the device incorporates a modular design right into the keyboard, allowing users to run a PC just from their keyboard.

There’s also a retractable mouse included, which means all you need is a monitor.

Roccat founder and CEO René Korte explains :

“We believe platforms like the Steam Box are fantastic,”-“and we want everyone to be able to access them equally.”-“A brand new evolution in living room gameplay; the ROCCAT Sova is built from a foundation of premium, brushed aluminum, top industry standard Cherry MX Switches, ROCCAT’s durable mechanical keys with our signature Per-Key illumination and it’s fully wireless, fully modular, fully awesome.”

For a quick look at the keyboard watch the video below, and head on over to the link just below that.

Source: Roccat

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