Fed up of all those “futuristic” looking docks for your iOS device, or just want something a little more “retro”?

Then the ION Universal Jukebox Dock for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch may just be the choice for you, with an “authentic jukebox look”, the ION Jukebox can turn your iOS device into a jukebox, which can be enhanced with the use of various apps that will allow you to browse your music library as you would in the manner we see way to much in movies and tv shows.

And we got the chance to review one thanks to Gala, who are promoting their new 50’s style Rock’n’Roller game which you can find out more about here.


I can’t lie, the ION Jukebox does look great, especially when it’s turned on, as at which point you will find it will start to flash through various colour sequences as you listen to your tunes.

Made with a solid wooden cabinet, the Jukebox dock features a design that will bring you right back to the 50s, it has been crafted with real wood on both the back and sides, with the front being a type of plastic that features a set of decals to give it that extra Jukebox feel.

The back is a sort of light brown, that has been left unpolished just as it would normally, and the sides have been polished to a dark brown look. On the top of the decal is another set off lights to accompany the ones around the outside, these will follow the curve of the device, flashing from the left to the right.


Of course a dock is pretty much useless if it doesn’t sound any good, thankfully the ION Jukebox certainly performs in that factor, not to a level above its price tag, but to one that was not expected when first plugging in this design, with a great response, with a wide range of genres, this dock is certainly great for the average user, however if you’re a sound nut (should probably trademark that for the name of next website xD) the ION will probably only work for you as an ornament  something it also does pretty well.

Not only that it will even charge your device when turned on, so probably a little more than your average ornament, with a lot more sound.


Overall I found the ION Jukebox box great to use, however I did find a few issues when using it with the iPad, mainly being that it’s a very tight fit, this means placing it in can be a bit tricky and maybe even scary.

Alongside which the sleep/ wake button cannot be accessed whilst docked, so if your device isn’t set to auto-lock, your screens going to be on until you undock the device.

Beside that, the ION Jukebox Dock is defiantly a great product, one which I will certainly recommend, if you want one for yourself you can pick one up from various retailers around the web, and even find more on ION’s site here.

Gala kindly sent us this product to review as part of their new 50’s style Rock’n’Roller game, there’s a link somewhere there… You can find out more about that here.

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