It has today been confirmed that the next game in the Rock Band series, Rock Band 4 will be launching on the PlayStation 4.

The news comes from an announcment on the PlayStation Blog made by the Product Manager at Harmonix, Eric Pope, who announced that Rock Band 4 will be launching some time later this year for the console.

The game is currently under development and is said to not be a “next-gem remaster” of an existing game according to Pope, who also stated the following:

“I’ve spent years as a community manager playing our various installments of Rock Band around the world with fans at every event you can imagine. I’m as excited as you are to have the next evolution of the franchise, Rock Band 4, on the current generation of console hardware.

Since we released Rock Band 3 in 2010, Harmonix has branched out, developing projects in a number of new areas including motion control, PC and even VR. With every new project, the studio has challenged the perception of what a “music game” can be, and learned a lot in the process.

With those lessons under our belt, we felt like we were prepared to dive back into our beloved Rock Band series, and actually push the genre forward. We’ve landed on a design that doubles down on the core Rock Band experience fans love, while innovating on gameplay in some super exciting ways that we’ll have more to say about a little later this year.”

Pop also announced that Rock Band 4 will support all previously purchased DLC packages at no extra cost.

Source: PS Blog

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