Rocket League was an instant success on the PlayStation 4 and PC, originally launching back in 2015, the game is a football game that swaps the footballers for rocket-powered cars.

And now the game is finally coming to Xbox One, available for players from February 17th, it will come with console-exclusive videos, all of the DLC that has been released separately for the previous versions of the game, all for $20.

The Xbox One exclusives will include two battle-cars, the Halo Warthog called HogSticker, and the Armadillo from the Gears of War franchise, alongside a number of garage items that include console-exclusive items from other Xbox exclusive games like Sunset Overdrive.

It will also include the Supersonic Fury DLC, Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC and the Chaos Run DLC, all of which adds more cars, decals, paint types, rocket trails, wheel types and more at no extra cost.

Source: Xbox Wire

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