Psyonix, the developers of the innovative car football indie game, Rocket League have today announced that they have surpassed 1 million unique players on the Xbox One platform.

The news was announced on the game’s official Twitter account and proves that the game remains a huge success, and can still succeed despite the Xbox One launch being quite late.

Players might have been tempted by the extra DLC on Xbox however, with offerings such as the Halo Warthog and the Dawn of Justice Batmobile.

This news comes after they announced other 9 million players for the game as a whole on all platforms, a number which they have achieved over just 7 months.

Currently, Rocket League is available for download on the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.

It is planned to be released in a retail version later this year, with more DLC expected to be released later this month.

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