When we reviewed Rogue One originally we said that it “If you are a lover of Star Wars then you should definitely check out Rogue One this weekend”, and it seems a lot of people did view the film that weekend or in the few weekends after as the Star Wars spin-off has officially crossed $1 billion in sales at the Global Box Office according to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter.

The report claimed that just over half of theses sales where in the US, where it earned $512.2 million.

Elsewhere around the globe, it achieved $499.1 million to total $1.011 billion.

This comes after its 39th day in theatres worldwide.

This news makes Rogue One the 28th movie to earn $1 billion, however, some of those movies were other Star Wars movies, Force Awakens earned $2,068 billion globally for example.

Despite that, this is pretty huge news for Rogue One as it was never expected to absolutely sell out theatres so hitting $1 billion is a big achievement for the film.

Hopefully, this should mean that we will see more Star Wars spin-offs in the future.

In the meantime, you can read that report from the source link below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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