When choosing a carrier in the UK there are only a few options, especially if you are looking for data. ROK Mobile is a service that is attempting to change that, offering unlimited music streaming from its app from just £19.99 a month, which obviously doesn’t sort out your data problem completely, but it should definitely help.

On top of the unlimited music streaming, you also get 3GB of data, 500 texts and 250 mins on their Ultimate plan, or 4GB of data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes on their Ultimate Plus plan. The Ultimate plan is priced from £19.99 and the Ultimate Plus plan is from £24.99.

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ROK Mobile say that they have an advantage with this, as they are the only mobile network that combines a mobile service with an ad-free music streaming service, all as part of one first-party service.

This means that you don’t need an extra subscription to something like Spotify for example, however, it does mean that you have to use the ROK Mobile streaming application. Whereas with something like Vodafone’s offering, you have the chance to subscrube to Spotify as part of the Red bundle.

But because you do get the extra data, you aren’t forced to just using the streaming application, and you can stream music from any other service as long as you have data left.

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In terms of the actual network, ROK Mobile piggybacks off of the Three network in the UK, which covers about 98% of the UK’s population, meaning that it will receive the same coverage, reliability and speeds as any other Three customer.

The SIM card is also compatible with pretty much any iPhone or Android device, thanks to its trio system, the size you need can simply be popped out of its frame.

This means that as long the ROK Mobile application can hold up, it should be a decent proposition.

After our tests, we can definitely tell that ROK Mobile has huge potential to be a very good music streaming service, with 20 million songs available to stream on the application, you can listen to a lot of music, but it is mainly filled with tracks from top level names from the likes of Justin Bieber.

However, the amount of albums available to listen to is somewhat lacking, and if you look for an obscure artist like Bon Iver, you won’t find too much in the results.

That said, this is more than likely due to the service being relatively young, everyone has to start somewhere, and we expect that the app will improve over time, as did other services like Spotify for example. The app does get a number of new releases every Tuesday.

Thankfully, the Android or iPhone app does have some great features, with the ability to download up to 2,000 tracks to listen to offline.

It also has a radio feature that allows you to stream music from a curated station, or from a certain track or artist that you have chosen.

All in all, ROK Mobile is a strong proposition, and at its basis it is a fantastic idea, allowing you to combine your mobile phone service with your music streaming subscription, cutting down the amount of data you need thanks to unlimited streaming whilst making your life that little bit easier.

However, ROK Mobile does still has some room to grow, we would like to see it updated with even more music, mostly albums, which seem to be missing from a lot of artists currently, alongside that we would also want to see some updates to the app, which can be a little clunky to get around.

That said, ROK Mobile is definitely worth looking into.

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