For a while know a lot of people in the US have been enjoying Roku’s line of streaming devices, but Roku hadn’t released the device in any other countries before now, but according to Roku, this will be changing for a lot of people in the fist few months of 2012.

As today Roku announced that they will be expanding their service towards both the UK and Canada within the new year, as of yet though there is no news of what particular models they will make available, but they have already opened their developer program for the UK and Canada so we can get started on making some great apps.

As we just said Roku has kept a lot of the other details to themselves for the time being, but as always we will let you know about any changes to what models pricing or even where you can buy the Roku as soon as we find out.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the Roku coming to your country?

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