According to recent leaks, Roku is set to conduct its biggest line-up overhaul in some time and is reportedly going to replace all of its current streaming devices with all-new set-top boxes, for a grand total of five new unveilings.

This is as according to documents that were filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US this week, which shown 3 of the new devices in the listings. The other two were revealed from a number of Canadian retailer leaks.

NewRokuDevices2016According to the blog Zatz Not Funny, the existing Roku 1 will be replaced by the Roku Express and the Roku Express Plus (those were the Candian leaks), however, we don’t know much more than their name just yet.

Thankfully, the FCC filing does show some more information about the next 3 devices.

In it, we can see that Roku may be unveiling the Roku Premiere, Premiere Plus and the Roku Ultra.

According to this filing, both of the Premieres will come with support for 4K playback, however, the Premiere Plus will also include support for HDR. The Roku Ultra is the top of the line model, featuring 4K Ultra HD streaming and HDR according to the listing.

It also suggests that it will have an optical audio output and a USB port for playing back local media.

Aside from all of that, we don’t yet know much about the devices, but when we do get the official news, we will be sure to let you know about it.

Via: Zatz Not Funny

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