People use their phones for video recording more now, especially for live streaming on services like Facebook Live and Snapchat Stories.

Today, Roland unveiled a new accessory that could allow you to create better live streams on your mobile device, called the GO:MIXER, it is a compact mobile mixer that will allow you to track two instruments and vocals at the same time over a mobile.

In total it can handle up to five audio source inputs at the same time, including a microphone, guitar, bass, keyboard, and two stereo line instruments, all from a 3.75-inch square back that simply plugs into your device to get started.

The mixer also has a set of knobs that allow you to mix all of the audio inputs and a headphone jack monitoring with its own volume control.

It also has a Cancel Center tool for reducing the main vocal in a music track that is being sent through the device.

There’s  no information on pricing or availability for the Roland GO:MIXER just yet, however, when we know, we will let you know.

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