The British music-gear company Roli unveiled something interesting today.

Called Roli Blocks, it is a brand new way to create electronic music in a cool way.

It’s basically a set of modular synth controllers that can be snapped together and be linked to either your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.

Those modular blocks include the Lightpad, which is basically a keyboard that is sized at less than 4 inches on each side. This can be configured with a total of 128 different software instruments, including synths, bass instruments, pianos, guitars, pan flutes, drum sets, and a lot more.

It only works when linked to an iOS device that has the Roli Noise app, but in the future Roli does plan to untether it as well as add even more instrument updates.

They will also be selling instruments that have been created by professional musicians. Once you pick an instrument, Lightpad will light up in a 5×5 grid pattern, pressing your finger down on its silicon-covered surface will play the sound. The holder you press, the louder it will be and if you slide your finger, you can also bend the note to any pitch you want. You can also move your fingers up or down to apply the instrument’s modulation effect, and if you move your fingers slowly it will add more subtle effects.

As for the rest of the modular blocks, each component will come with magnetic conductors on each side to allow you to attach them side by side easily, with modules including the Live Block and the Loop Block.

Loop Block provides access to the system’s recording and playback features, while the Live Block is meant to be used when you are performing live with buttons to quick switch between instruments, switches for keys and scales, buttons to change tempos, and the ability to add various effects.

The pricing for the Roli Blocks will depend on what modules you want. The LightPad is $179 and both the Live Block and the Loop Block have been priced at $79.

You can find out more about them at the source link below.

Source: Roli

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