Today the UK postal service, Royal Mail announced that they have begun to trial new completely electric vans in and around London.

They revealed that they have partnered with the carmaker Arrival, who are also based in the UK and will be partnering with Royal Mail to operate nine tracks that will be delivering mail and packages in London and its surrounding areas in an effort to be more economically friendly.

There will be three different sizes of the truck that will be operating within London, which will begin deliveries from today within Royal Mail’s central London hub.

They will be co-branded between Royal Mail and Arrival and reportedly have a 100 mile, zero emission range.

Arrival claims that if the test is successful, they will be able to produce 50,000 vehicles yearly from their factory in Banbury, which is also where the first electric vans will be produced with AI and robots.

Size the Royal Mail vehicle fleet is comprised of around 49,000 vehicles, the company should be able to replace them with fully electric vehicles within a year.

But don’t fret, Royal Mail has made sure that the new electric vehicles will resemble the design of the current trucks, which are widely known for their red colour and logo, all be it with a similar design to that of the new London buses. You can see that new design in the image above.

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