We have seen a few DAB radios in our time and you probably have too, but we doubt that you have seen many DAB radio that looks quite like Ruark’s R1.

Over time the R1 has won many awards from a number of sources, and for good reason.


From the first time that you look at the Ruark Audio R1 you will notice its sophisticated yet interesting design. It’s small, single-speaker with the little antenna on top looks a lot like a robots head, but one that has definitely had some consideration in its design.

Right on the front of the R1 you will find a small rectangular OLED  display on top of a singular round speaker.

Wrapped around this is a body that can be finished in your choice of walnut, black, or white finish, that brings the premium into the Ruark R1.


To finish this off, the R1 has a circular control on the top of the speaker, which features a set of buttons around the outside of it, and a volume control knob in the centre, which has been named the RotoDial, and works for setting the volume, scrolling through menus, switching radio stations, and selecting options by pressing it.

Around the RotoDial, you will find individual buttons for the power, alarms, radio presets, menu, and source.

On the back you will also find the spot to place the Ruark’s antenna, as well as ports for USB charging, a Kensington lock, a power port, 2.5mm line-in and finally a 3.5mm headphone jack.

You can also add to this with the optional rechargeable battery pack, named the BackPack, it costs an extra £50 and will allow you to take the R1 on the go.


For such a small speaker (only 17cm tall), the Raurk R1 sounds great, and Ruark have even managed to improve upon it by fitting the MK3 with a new chipset, an improved DAC, and shorter signal paths, all of which allows it to provide much cleaner sound, even at the higher end of volume.

And all of this comes from a single 3.5cm driver.


That’s something that you probably wouldn’t notice though, this is because the R1 MK3 is still capable of throwing out impressive bass that is deep, yet controlled at a variety of volume ranges.

It also features a midrange that keeps to backing and vocals in alongside that with great detail and clarity.

And all of this, with the capability of providing a volume that is capable of spreading around small rooms in your house easily, whilst still remaining elegant enough to tune that down a bit when you are in the same room as it.

Of course, because it is quite small, it’s not going to a monster when it comes to throwing sound around the entirety of your house, so if you want to do that, then you might want to look for something slightly larger.

In use, the Ruark R1 performs perfectly at scanning for radio stations via DAB, with the capability of searching and locking onto stations with great speed.

Sadly that doesn’t extend to the Bluetooth, which does take some time, however, to have the inclusion of aptX Bluetooth is a great addition to this speaker, it allows you to play music from pretty much any device, with the same performance as with any other source.

If you are looking for an awesome DAB radio, that would look amazing enough for it to impress your friends and family, then you should definitely take a look at the Ruark R1 MK3.

However, it’s not cheap.

At £200, it’s something that you are going to be sure about before picking on up.

You can find out more about it on Ruark’s website.

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