Today Ruark Audio announced a new partnership with the DJ, producer, and label head Martin Buttrich to release a reworked version of their MR1 Bluetooth speakers.

This came after Ruark Audio provided Buttrich with a set of MR1s for his own setup, Ruark says that he was “blown away by the incredible quality and sound performance of the award-winning MR1s” and decided to work with Ruark to build a limited edition of the speakers.

This new MR1 will feature the same features as its predecessor, with that same control system knob, which controls the volume of the speaker by simply turning it, or controls the power/ audio mode by pressing the knob in.

The speaker also comes with line-in and Bluetooth audio inputs, with aptX technology for CD quality wireless audio from compatible devices. It also features a subwoofer output with an inbuilt woofer and tweeter construction from two drive units, which use rare earth neodymium magnet systems.

The main change between this new limited edition version and the original version of the MR1 is the design.  The Ruark Audio x Martin Buttrich MR1 Speakers differ with the addition of Buttrich’s signature branding on the side, with a soft black or soft white finish.

The Ruark Audio x Martin Buttrich MR1 Speakers are available today for £319, you can find out more about it and pick a pair up via the source link below.

Source: Raurk Audio

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